We use a Class Pass model for tuition. Basically, you will decide how much you or your family wants to train, then select the size of Class Pass that fits your needs best. We have highlighted some recommendations based on typical training schedules below.  

Frequently asked questions

How long do Class Passes last?

Class Passes are good for one month, or until gone.

How do I renew my Class Pass?

After one month, or once used up, they will automatically renew.

What if I don’t use all my Sessions in a Month?

Up to four unused Sessions are able to roll over to your next Pass.

How many family members can train on a single Pass?

All Passes over Ten can be used by the whole family.

Who can use my Class Pass?

Passes can be used by immediate family members from the same household.

Does my family size restrict what size passes are available to me?

No, All Passes are available to fit your exact training needs.

Do you offer Active Military and LEO discounts?

Yes we offer 10% off for Active Military, and Law Enforcement officers. Contact Us to get a discount code.